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Lead Ingots
Linotype By10 pound increments

This is in multiples of 10 pounds (1=10 pounds 2=20 pounds etc)

This is actual linotype NO INGOTS. When casters melt linotype into ingots, you (the customer) have absolutely no easy way of telling what is in it. By keeping it in its antique form until it is in your possession you know exactly what you are getting. IT IS AN ALLOY AND DOES CONTAIN TIN AND ANTIMONY; IT IS TYPICALLY USED AS A "HARDENER" TO RAISE THE BHN OF YOUR ALLOY.

IF YOU NEED SOFT LEAD FOR YOUR BLACK POWER SHOOTING, PLEASE CONTACT US. We have smaller/larger quantities available upon request.

BHN of around a 22 when air cooled


Typical make up of linotype is

SB %      SN%       AS%       CU%      PB%

11           3              .08          .08          85.84

11           5              .06          .06          83.55



California p65 warning

Linotype By10 pound increments

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