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Back in 2012 our family took a dive class, and started the expensive process of accumulating the basic gear. One of the items was dive weights. After almost dying from sticker shock we decided to make our own. How hard could it be right? So we got some scrap lead, fabricated some simple molds, did some research, and went to work. We started using a pot over an open camp fire with my grandfather's ladle, and we melted and casted a few pounds of dive weights. Not knowing how many pounds we would need we made some extra (like 100 pounds extra). Once we knew how many we needed we had a new problem; what do we do with the extra dive weights?


We eventually turned to selling them online. It took a while at first to find a buyer, but once we did we decided to try a few more. One thing led to another, we started casting other things for our personal use, and the next thing we knew we were getting special casting requests, and customers wanting bulk orders etc. 


In 2018 my father and I decided to take what we learned through our 6 years of personal casting experience and research and incorporate. It might feel as if this story is coming to a close, but we feel that's because the story has only been partially written.


We can't wait to continue building; to build a company where we can come to work and work with family, to be able to laugh and joke, and build memories while we work.

We are so blessed to be living in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We look forward to working with you our future customers, and providing you the products that you need, providing you with value, while serving you with honor and integrity.


Thank you for choosing us and helping us to build Our American Dream.

John IV


I am John IV, I went to school for (and still hope to eventually use) a degree in criminal Justice.  I want to eventually fly for law enforcement. I am a certified commercial helicopter pilot and flight instructor. When I am not casting, I am probably at the airport teaching... or working elsewhere (or messing around with the family).


Work is what we do. We work hard, save, try to innovate, help others, fill needs, and be charitable.


The Free Market is wonderful!


John III

I'm not really sure what to write here. While I would rather be playing baseball than just about anything else, I absolutely love working with my "little guy". We started out building model rockets, and playing with blocks, and some how ended up doing all sorts of things I did not ever think I would be doing; including but not limited to casting, building companies, taking helicopter lessons, and scuba diving. I am so grateful for all of the time God has allowed me with my family, and you know what? While I can't believe I am saying this, spending time with the family has replaced baseball as my favorite..which is probably a good thing as us "old people" don't recover as fast from sports injuries.


John II

While grandpa smiles and probably thinks we are nuts (those crazy kids), he spent many of his adult years as a plumber and he did quite a bit of iron pipe with lead joints in his day. When we first started casting dive weights he loaned us his ladle. Sorry Grandpa, I don't think you will ever get  your ladle back now, but we thought at the very least that we should give you a honorable mention. We only wish you saved all the scrap from those job sites.... You are welcome to come use your ladle anytime though.


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