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Lead Ingots
DP Egg Sinkers Select Size To See Price (65 Pound Lots)

Attention: If you are ordering a pallet full (2350 pounds), please contact us BEFORE ORDERING as shipping will be reduced.  Discount for payment by check is 3%. Order will not ship until check is received.


We currently offer the following sizes:

1/8 oz (There are 128 Pcs in a pound)

1/4 oz (There are 64 Pcs in a pound)

1/2 oz (There are 32 Pcs in a pound)

3/4 oz (There are approx 22 Pcs in a pound)

1 oz (There are 16 Pcs in a pound)

1.5 oz (There are 11 Pcs in a pound)

2 oz (There are 8 Pcs in a pound)

3 oz (There are approx 6 Pcs in a pound)

4 oz (There are 4 Pcs in a pound)

5 oz (There are approx 4 Pcs in a pound)

6 oz (There are approx 3 Pcs in a pound)


We are currently looking for outlets wholesale pricing is available. We also have great LTL shipping rates. Looking for a different size? Contact us!


California p65 warning

DP Egg Sinkers Select Size To See Price (65 Pound Lots)

  • Our return policy is simple; if it is our mistake we will replace it or refund your money.

    If it is not our fault, the buyer is responsible for return shipping and a 12% restocking fee. When the product is received, we will issue you a refund.

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