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Lead Ingots
9MM Brass Cases (Quantity Discounts Available)

(small bag) 1000 - WASHED AND POLISHED CASES



This is once fired brass, with mixed headstamps. Cleaned and tumbled, ready for you to deprime.


We cull damaged cases and other calibers, but we include extra cases in each batch in case we've missed any.


We have been selling clean brass on and off on GB for years now.


We just received 1500 pounds of brass and have many other calibers. Write us if you need more brass or a different caliber.


All brass is cleaned as it is ordered, these are all images of brass we have cleaned and polished in our propratery 3 step process

As always we appreciate your business ~ Plumbum Casting Co.

9MM Brass Cases (Quantity Discounts Available)

$83.00 Regular Price
$73.00Sale Price
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